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Billy Crespo

   Billy C  MAGICA PNG

             Billy Crespo was born on September 5 1970, New Jersey and raised in Hoboken, New Jersey. While residing in Hoboken he attended grammar school. There he was given an opportunity in fifth grade to take trumpet lessons. He continued grammar school and High school performing with the school band . His interest in music progressed as he was given a chance to perform with Los Hermanos Moreno whom had just recorded their first LP. Billy continued on and off with the salsa band for fifteen years. While performing for Los Hermanos Moreno his musical skills upgraded to background vocals. He then became a freelanced musician after fifteen years and started to perform with various artists such as (Toby Rivera, Choco Orta, Viti Ruiz, Hector Tricoche, Paquito Guzman, El Conjunto Classico, Hildemaro, Luisito Rosario, Luisito Carrion, Ex- singers from los Adolecentes and Danny Matos) singing chorus. His musical talents progress greatly throughout the years. He was then offered a musical recording with Maracas music LLC. His first salsa single was “The Best You Can Do” which open doors for him. He became known throughout many internet radio stations. He then recorded his second salsa single “Y Volvere” gaining much more popularity with other Radio stations. Now with his current hit “Amigo” a duo with salsa celebrity Viti Ruiz, this gave him more recognition as a solo artist. There was a participation of many other celebrity musicians and artist from both Puerto Rico and New York that recorded on all 3 singles. Billy has an enormous love with salsa music. As his inspiration follow a passion of 80’s and 90’s classic old school salsa.